Watch Those Thoughts

Corrina Turner
2 min readMay 5, 2021

Your thoughts are driving you mad

It’s them which make you sad

The moment you choose to listen

Your energy stops to glisten

Take your mind to the gym

That is where you will win

Go and sit outside

Don’t shut yourself in and hide

Those fearful thoughts in your head

Are making you feel dread

Your thoughts are not real

They are making your whole life surreal

Thoughts that hold energy of fear

Will bring out the fearful tears

They can drive you into a hole

Disconnect you from your soul

You really must be aware

Of thoughts that try to scare

They can keep you all alone

Sitting scared while you moan

The moment you feel them creep in

Grab them, throw them in the bin

Those thoughts you aim at others too

They really need not be true

And even if they are

They are taking you too far

Into a place of despair

Where you start to lack all care

Focus your thoughts on the now

I am going to tell you how

Love is a superpower you possess

It will pull you out of this mess

List all of the people you love

Visualise a beautiful dove

Phone a friend, go for a walk

Listen to one another and talk

Go and speak to a dog

It will help clear the fog

Sing your favourite song

This spell will not last long

Love is more powerful than you know

It enables positivity to grow

Do not judge others for what they do

Corrina Turner

Be Real Be You, Spiritual Development, Poetry, Personal Growth