Triggers of the Past

Corrina Turner
3 min readJul 1, 2021

Our triggers can be like a loaded gun, and this does not feel much fun!

If you are carrying pain from the past

It can trigger you real fast

It could sneak up on you real quick

And start to make you feel sick

It can distort the way that you see

Trap you from feeling free

You could be on the defence

Start to build a safety fence

It can affect the way you respond

And can be a destructive magic wand

Those ones you love and adore

Could be left feeling a little sore

Our triggers can be like a loaded gun

And this does not feel much fun

So starting to become aware

Can help you respond to life with care

When you start to drown in emotion

Life stops flowing in motion

Your thoughts become dark and sour

And can get worse by the hour

There is something you can do

That could be helpful to you

You could choose to make a decision

And not allow the triggers to cause a division

When an emotion comes in strong

And the whole world feels so wrong

Call on the clarity of the mind

It will help you be more self-kind

The healthy logical mind

Could help you find

The clarity that you need

To plant some new healing seeds

You could talk to the trigger you feel

Help it see that now, it’s not real

That the pain from the past

No longer needs to last

You can allow your tears to flow

This could stop you from feeling so low

You could hold yourself tight

This may prevent the bite



Corrina Turner

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