Nature Is The Medicine We Need

Corrina Turner
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Make the most of what you have mum, come outside, play and have some fun!

‘Make the most of what you have mum’

‘Come outside, play and have some fun’

Those were the words spoken by my child

Who lets her spirit run free and be wild

Recently I hit another bump

Found myself sitting in a slump

Picking up the phone to check Fakebook

Social media embedded in me like a hook

Neglecting myself, especially my health

Losing touch with my inner wealth

I then remember the choice is mine

It is up to me, to make it all fine

I remember I can love myself

Which this time, means taking care of my health

So I reach for the good food

Which instantly improves my mood

I decide to put away my phone

Detach from the social media moans

I go outside and sit in the sun

Laugh with my daughter, play and have fun

Go for a walk and feed the wildlife



Corrina Turner

Be Real Be You, Spiritual Development, Poetry, Personal Growth