Break The Patterns That Need Not Last

Corrina Turner
2 min readJul 16, 2022

I learnt to keep myself quiet and small, while others shone and grew very tall

Years ago, as a little girl

I loved to dance and do a twirl

One day a solo dance on a stage

Led me, to locking me in a cage

You see, someone lurked behind the stage

She looked at me with spite and rage

Angry, that it was my time to shine

When our eyes connected I stopped feeling fine

I crumbled, froze and sank within

Felt I had committed an awful sin

She smiled with glee as my dance messed up

My failure filled her destructive cup

I learnt a pattern that lasted many years

Caused me heartache and many tears

I learnt to keep myself quiet and small

While others shone and grew very tall

My wounded child had kept me small

Stopped me answering to my true call

The time had come to go deep inside

Love and support her to no longer hide

No longer will we stay quiet and small

My darling it’s time to grow and be tall

People project from a place of pain

Always looking for someone to blame

The root of people is not that cruel

They have just forgotten the sacred rule

They became blinded by their weeping heart

And decided to fire a poisonous dart

I know you’ve felt pain for many years

Let me love you and wipe away those tears

Together we can step into who we are

I’ll hold your hand and take us far

Have compassion for those that shoot you down

For deep inside they wear a frown

And step by step, day by day

We’ll allow our self to have our say

We will learn from the lessons of the past

Break the patterns that need not last

The time has come to just be you

Regardless of what they put you through

So step up now and claim your place

You know that there is plenty of space

For all to shine, grow and be tall

Everyone on earth deserves to answer their call

Be Real be You





Corrina Turner

Be Real Be You, Spiritual Development, Poetry, Personal Growth