Be Real Be You

Corrina Turner
2 min readJan 11, 2022

They say love yourself, its very good for your health

But it’s not always that simple and plain, when you carry a world full of pain

You know it’s hard to be you

In a world that teaches us not to

It can be hard to be you

After what some have put you through

They say love yourself

It’s very good for your health

They say just be you

It’s what you were born to do

But it’s not always that simple and plain

When you carry a world full of pain

And doesn’t always come easy and true

When you’ve never been taught how to

I remember being told ‘Just Be You’

Inside I screamed ‘I don’t know how to’

You see after so many years of feeling shame

It wasn’t that easy to just release the pain

But one thing I realised I could do

Was find some help, that could help me to

Reach deep into my heart and soul

And help me climb back out from my hole

Another thing I have learnt from it all

Was I didn’t need to always be cool

That by speaking what I felt inside

Helped me step up and learn not to hide

And one by one

The layers came undone

When I started to listen to me

I allowed my spirit to be free

But this didn’t happen overnight

And didn’t always feel love and light

At times the journey felt very raw

And left me feeling quite sore

On my journey of learning to be me

Each step I took set me more free

It never compared to the beginning

When it never felt like I was winning

It was the best journey I ever took



Corrina Turner

Be Real Be You, Spiritual Development, Poetry, Personal Growth