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Be Real Be You, Spiritual Development, Poetry, Personal Growth

Worrying what others think or say, will only disturb your today!

I worry what they will think

Sometimes I allow me to sink

I pick up on subtle signs

And I start to feel not fine

But recently I’ve started to learn

That its only my thoughts that burn

If I choose to take them on

Then of course I’ll feel wrong

People are always going to judge

Discreetly hold a grudge

Make out they are a friend

When they just secretly pretend

You may feel whispers behind your back

But you must cut them some slack

Because people who…

Your thoughts are driving you mad

It’s them which make you sad

The moment you choose to listen

Your energy stops to glisten

Take your mind to the gym

That is where you will win

Go and sit outside

Don’t shut yourself in and hide

Those fearful thoughts in your head

Are making you feel dread

Your thoughts are not real

They are making your whole life surreal

Thoughts that hold energy of fear

Will bring out the fearful tears

They can drive you into a hole

Disconnect you from your soul

You really must be aware

Of thoughts that…

Make the most of what you have mum, come outside, play and have some fun!

‘Make the most of what you have mum’

‘Come outside, play and have some fun’

Those were the words spoken by my child

Who lets her spirit run free and be wild

Recently I hit another bump

Found myself sitting in a slump

Picking up the phone to check Fakebook

Social media embedded in me like a hook

Neglecting myself, especially my health

Losing touch with my inner wealth

I then remember the choice is mine

It is up to me, to make it all…

You worry what they may think, will you allow your ship to sink?

Insecurity is still here

Dripping poisonous thoughts of fear

You worry what they may think

Will you allow your ship to sink?

Look deep down within you

Allow the fear to pass through

Remember all you have been taught

Grab hold of those fear based thoughts

Now place those fears on a balloon

And send them up to the moon

Now dance freely in the air

Focus your thoughts on that which you care

When insecurity starts to creep in

Grab it and throw it in the…

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